''Fake news and hate speech distort the hard work of the government'' -Lai Mohammed

Photo: ''Hate speech is not free speech - Lai Mohammed''

You sure remember the order of the Federal government of Nigeria to restrict Nigerians from using hate speech right? You also remember people like governor Ayo Fayose criticizing the restriction? Saying that it is the plan of the government to silence people from speaking against corrupt practices in Nigeria,don't you? And of course,you remember that the Nigerian Military has been charged to monitor social media on hate speech message,no doubt!

Speaking on the issue of the federal government putting ban on hate speech in Nigeria.the Honorable Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has said that fake news and hate speech distort the hard work of the government. However,these are other things that the Minister says while addressing the Nigerian Military's plan to monitor social media for anti-government and anti-military information on TVC news:

Any statement which is capable of setting one section of the govt against the other is hate speech and should'nt be accepted. Lai Mohammed

Hate speech is not free speech - Lai Mohammed

: We will do nothing to stifle the media but we call on the media to self-regulate - Alhaji Lai Mohammed pic.twitter.com/j2GiMgRLyx

Do well to investigate the source of your story before circulating it - Lai Mohammed

: It is the routine job of any security apparatus to monitor utterances and speeches - Lai Mohammed. 

All these fake news/ hate speech is just to distort the hard work of the government - Lai Mohammed

Media owners must meet regularly to ensure that their platforms are not used to cause war and disseminate hate-Lai Mohammed

Has the Honorable Minister of information and culture,Lai Mohammed not spoken your minds? ''Fake news and hate speech distort the hard work of government''- Lai mohammed!!!

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