The only problems with autistic patient -autistic child,autistic causes and autistic treatment.

Photo: A mother with her autistic child
 Do you know exactly what autism is? Can you give any possible examples? Okay,in our own words and understanding,autism is a kind of brain disorder or abnormality that could make one think and act wrongly,without knowing he is on a wrong part. Autistic patients usually loss their senses of feelings and touch. They could be chewing bitter leaf  and laughing at the same time because they do not know that it is bitter. An autistic person could also step on a broken bottle without feeling any pains because the part of their brain responsible for feelings and touch is dead.  What then is the only problems of autistic patient? Is it that they lose sense of feelings? Hey,there is something more than that you will soon know.


 Lack of education type: Education we all agree is power. That means,any one who refuses education or whose condition denies him of any access to education is surely powerless. The type of education we are talking about here is not the one you and I receive. It is a kind of specially education that could reach a meaning to the heart of autistic persons such that they will be able to communicate and live with a degree of purpose in their lives. The type of education that would help the lives of autistic persons is scarce,and so hard to find,and this is one of the problems for autistic persons.

Lack of understanding :  When someone is acting in ignorance,he usually feels no pains or hurt at all. He just continues to live his life in his pattern. However,if this person is struck angrily,blamed or subjected to feel bad for his actions,you would have done him more harm than good. Then,how much more for someone who has no purpose for living? Listen,what we are saying here is that you do not have any reason of what so ever to question,blame or make autistic persons feel dejected at all. They did not make themselves to look stupid. They were born like everyone else,but found themselves to be acting differently unlike humans.
Autism is totally,a helpless state for the sufferers. Over 95% of autistic persons are useless and senseless. Therefore,expecting these kind of people to be useful or to act wisely is stupidity on your part. Please,understand that these people are naturally helpless,and cannot help you. Give them food when you know that they are hungry. Show them the way to bathroom and direct them to take their bath. Assist them in any possible way you can. If you treat them like babies who do not know their right from left,then,you would have done a whole lot of good to them and to yourself as well!!! Read more : WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU HAVE AN AUTISTIC CHILD

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