The latest story of chibok girls -abduction and kidnapping,abduction cases in Nigeria,



Is there anyone who has not heard anything about Chibok girls? Even my great grand mother in her resting place does know something about Chibok girls. In fact,the issue of Chibok girls in Borno state Nigeria has many stories inbeded in it.
The story of Chibok girls began in April,2014. Precisely 3 good years now. When this story began in case you do not know,the media report had it that these cool girls were actually in their exam halls,writing their Physics paper in WAEC  examinations. Suddenly,these girls students were interrupted and ushered into a Hilux vehicles unsolicited. When intelligent minded people like you and I analyzed the story and found some fowl smell therein,the media again drifted from their stories and had it that these simple minded girls were actually in their hostel rooms,and when they heard some loud provocative noise all ran out of their rooms and were beaconed by some Nigeria soldiers to get inside their Hilux vehicles. These have been the stories of how 270 Chibok girls were kidnapped,trafficked,and abducted.


On the 7th, of April 2017,President Mohammed Buhari through his media spokesperson announces the  release of 82 Chibok girls to Nigeria and he described it as a pleasant 2nd anniversary gift to Nigerians.Here are some of his spoken words as related by his media spokesperson:

“On behalf of all Nigerians, I will like to share my joy with you, your parents, your relatives, friends and Government of Borno State on regaining your freedom,” Then he continued:

“The federal government will like to commend the security agencies, the Red Cross, local authorities, local and foreign NGOs and all those who contributed in one way or another to secure the release of our Chibok Girls.
“Let me reassure Nigerians, especially relatives and friends of the remaining girls that the Federal Government will spare no effort to see that they and all other Nigerians who have been abducted safely regain their freedom,” he said.
Mr. Buhari also said he was pleased to have personally met the girls and assured them that the presidency will personally supervise the performance of those entrusted with their welfare.This statement was made on Sunday,April 6th,2017 when he hosted the girls in his official resident at Ado Rock villa,Abuja.

Mr Fayose doesn't seem to believe the sentiment of Mr. Mohammed Buhari at all. His facial expression looks unbelievable to the story of Chibok girls having been abducted or kidnapped from any real place or  time. Is the story of Chibok girls a scam Nigerians?

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