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Have you ever been tried by friends to do something you never wished to do? That is peer pressure!
resist peer pressure
Everyone at some point in time has faced peer pressure in life. Believe me when I say that even adults too face peer pressure in their life at their work places,and offices. Can one ever resist peer pressure ? How can one ever do so? Here is
brought to you,seven ways you can resist peer pressure and the benefits of doing so.
 To start with peer pressure we must say is so hard to resist but the good news is that many young people all over the world have been tried to act against their wills and have overcome it. To say that resisting a push to do something against your will once,twice or three times is not easy at all. Many young ones have been pressured to take up smoking,taking hard drugs,and engaging in other immoral conducts. Hey sweet,if you find yourself in this situation,what would you do? Here are seven ways you can resist peer pressure at anytime.Read more: the consequences of poor dad on a child


  •  One of the seven ways you can resist peer pressure is to stop and think. Ask yourself : Am I ready to do this? Is this what I really want for myself? Is the way and lifestyle of this fellow really rewarding? Are they really amazing to be with? My dear,if your answers are capital no,please say NO to them and take your step out.
  • Anticipate: Most times,one can easily see pressure coming before it is spelt out. This is to say that if you are really observant,there is every likelihood that that you can see trouble coming in advance. For example,suppose you see a group of classmates up ahead hiding with a cigarette? Do you think it would be easy  for you to pass them by? The right thing to do here to in resisting peer pressure is to take another different way.
  • Think. Yes,ask yourself :How will I feel in the long run if I go along with them? Do I have any problem with my present lifestyle?
  •  Decide : In every action one must take in life,one must decide for it whether he wants it or not. This is because,sooner or later,one has to make decisions that will last for a life time with their consequences.
  • Another way you can resist peer pressure is to always remember that no one is indispensable in life. Yes,if any group of friends or people ever tell you that you might not succeed without them or that you can never be happy without them,my dear,tell them that they lie!  
 Peer pressure is not easy to resist,but you can. Remember too, when you stand up for yourself,you will be able to take charge of life,instead of letting others do so for you!

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