how to avoid sexual arousal -sexual arousal response,sexual arousal in the brain,

By s*xual arousal,we do not mean here, s*xual urge or drive. We refer to a situation that can stimulate s*xual urge or drive itself to arouse. There is absolutely nothing wrong for a man or a woman to have s*xual urge sometimes. In fact,
this is just one fact that shows that one is very normal and and that he is really healthy and hearty. We have seen  situations where men especially,are on their own,without having any sort of thing in mind to engage in s*x with any woman or girl,only to do so at the end day. The reason for this  immoral action is not because they constantly look to the direction of nakedness. No. We are going to find out why in this article,the cause of s*xual arousal and how to avoid it.   This is how to avoid sexual arousal! Welcome!

To show how that one,especially men,can be aroused without looking at the nakedness of any woman or girl,let us give you an example that proves this. There was this young man named Tata here,who was always fond of passing through a prostitute lounge. Although he was still single,he knew that that part he was always passing through whenever, was a prostitute lounge. One of the prostitutes noticed the young man and thought that he was just good to be with in bed. So a day came when she targeted the young man in the evening as he was returning,using that same route. The prostitute came out and proceeded to him saying : ''Come on sweet man,don't tell me you are a stranger here. You look succulent and romantic. Come,let me show you something for a romantic man like you,and am sure you will like it''. So the prostitute took the young man in,and lured him into the bed. There they were till the next day. Did the young man see the nakedness of the prostitute before he went in with him? He never did at all. The fact that he made the path of prostitutes his link,made him a prey for s*xual arousal. If only he had avoided that path,he would have as well,avoided the path of s*xual arousal.

Another way someone can avoid sexual arousal is by avoiding any form of pornographic pictures,and films. No matter who you are,whether you are a pastor or a reverend father,any time you expose your eyes to pornographic pictures and images,be sure that your manhood that,in between your legs,must rise up,looking for something to bring it down: That,which is in between a woman's leg! In fact,the most and the highest s*xual arousal according to many years of research is pornography!!

To avoid sexual arousal moreover,one must avoid any part that leads,connects,or links to the path of immorality.

Finally,talk to people,experts on health and your religious heads and leaders if you are having any problem with controlling your s*xual urge and desire. Their tips,am sure,will be a useful measures on how to avoid sexual arousal!!!

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