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When we say that each year,millions of people are raped or otherwise s*xually abused,please believe us. And when we even say that young people are a prime target for this ugly incident called rape,yes,believe us. Have you ever been raped? Do you know of anyone who is a victim? Whatever the case might be,the truth is that the emotional trauma,shame and discomfort felt by the victims of raped are usually beyond anyone's imagination. Most times too,the reaction of rape victims is to commit suicide and forget about life. If you fall in this category,here is brought to you help for rape victims!

We give you experience of a young girl who is about 16 years. Her name would be called Mary.From what Mary could remember,her attacker threw her down to the bed before she could realize what was happening in the room.'' I tried so much to fight him,but was only struggling with the air.'' Mary said. Then she continued ''When I tried to scream for help,he covered my mouth and only air could escape from it. I pushed,kicked,and punched,but to no avail. Then,when I felt something like a knife pierced into me,I collapsed,and gave in.'' If you were Mary,how would you react? 
Some youths like Mary have been assaulted by some total strangers,while others are attacked by their acquaintances or even family members. Yes,these stories we hear every day on  our desk. For example,the story of Mary mentioned above happened in her school hostel. And you know what? At first,Mary was scared and ashamed to tell anyone about it.


One of the greatest things or better still,the best thing a rape victim can do to get out of the shock and emotional trauma is to get to a trusted someone or any rape center near her resident and relate her story. This is because,any refusal to recount the ordeal will make such victim live with the feelings of guilt over what happened. So,the first help for rape victim is to relate the experience with someone who can really hear and offer help. Do not keep or hide rape experience to yourself alone.
Do not ever feel ashamed to open up to someone trusted with hearing of rape cases. You know why? ''A person who is raped is not a willing participant.'' Yes,no rape victim ever asked for it,none of them,is ever proud of it either! Yes,this is help for rape victim!

When you share your experience with someone who can hear and provide help,you will definitely feel some relief and comfort. Talk to your creator,the one who gave you life and pour out your tears before him. Mary said she tried this,and it amazingly helped her to overcome the feeling of sadness and anger. Yes,total peace of mind is what she enjoys and you can feel the same too.

What if your own boyfriend wants to rape you? Perhaps he has promised you marriage. Should you give in? Well,if you are a grown up lady and you are being pressured to engage in unclean conduct,there is nothing wrong if you could firmly say : Don't do that! Take your hand off me otherwise you will regret it. Do not be afraid of losing a man who wants to inflict pains and injuries in you my dear. If he breaks up with you over this issue,let him go. He is not worth keeping! You surely deserve a real man for a lover! This has been help for rape victims for you!!!

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