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To ask whether you have been hated by someone or some people before in your life is like asking you whether we have some sort of bad people on earth. So,have you ever hated someone before? Don't be shy about it and tell yourself the truth. Hatred for people is
a very bad thing to do and that is why instead of saying :'' I hate Cicilia,''we choose to say something we hate someone for,instead of saying we hate a particular person. Why then do we have to hate? Is it a normal thing for people to hate? What then are the causes of hatred? Here is brought to you 5 things that can cause hatred.


  • One of the major causes of hatred is lie. Take a look at this scenario. A young man stole an item from only God knows where and brought it home. When police men came in searching their room for being  suspect,lo and behold,the item was found in the corner of the room mate of the young man who stole the item. When the young man who stole the item was comprehended,he denied ever knowing anything about the stolen item. What would the poor room mate in whose corner the item was founded do? To his very face,the stealer told the police men that his room mate must have stolen it and so the police men took the poor man away. In your mind,do you think anything would make the poor man who was accused of stealing an item found in his corner to swallow the pills with good  or approving smile? Never! Lie is a great cause of hatred you could ever know.
  • Another cause of hatred is gossip. Has somebody ever accused you,saying you have committed an abortion or something you have never thought of doing before? Your name has never been brought to mud before,that is why you would not understand. There is nothing that can make one develop hatred for someone than gossip. Mark it!
  • Differences in belief is another thing that can cause hatred. What would ever make you to prefer a person of another race and culture over your own brother? Belief. Look at those who have and share same belief. You would see that the bond of love they feel for one another is so warm to imagine.  Like religion,difference in belief can cause hatred among people who have different beliefs.
  •  Lack of manners. Have you ever met someone who is uncultured and talks anyhow? Research has shown that you might like a person at first sight,but when you hear him or her speak vulgar,the likeness automatically changes to hatred. While good manners attract likeness,bad manners attract hared! So, watch it!!
  • Lack of respect. I know of how a lady hated her cousin so much that she could not leave with him a tip that she gladly leaves for others. When I investigated to know why this happened,she told me that the first time that young man called her cousin visited her home,he did not even say any greetings to her to acknowledge her. She also said that at times, even after eating food from her table,he would not still say ''thank you''. The boy was not only rude,but also highly disrespectful. Lack of respect is another cause of hatred the young man could confess.
Hatred does not come by chance. Something causes it to happen. To avoid being hated or hating someone,avoid doing any of those things mentioned in this article you have just share with us!!!Read more : 3 major causes of jealousy

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