3 major causes of jealousy -jealousy status,jealousy and envy,

Jealousy can be in different forms and it can also take  different shapes. One and many times,the broad and broadest minds say that jealousy can either be proper or improper jealousy. The types of jealousy whether the proper or the improper one is not our point of discussion here. In this article,we are going to discuss the 3 major causes of jealousy. Are they just three we say? Yes,they are the fished out of major causes of jealousy there are. Let's go... Read more :  5 bullet things that can cause anger

3 major causes of jealousy

  • One of the 3 major causes of jealousy we have is inferiority. We did not say inferiority complex but if you like,well,you can say so because they mean the same in this context. We give you an example that shows that inferiority is one of the major causes of jealousy. There was a secondary school girl in her 13 years somewhere in this world. She was quite brilliant and good in her class subjects. Then there came another girl of the same age too who was also as brilliant as the other girl. You know what? The former girl,that is the first girl mentioned, came from a poor and lowly background whereas the later girl came from home of affluence. Every day by day,her driver would always bring her to school and pick her up from school at the end of the day. The other girl from a poor and lowly background then develop some jealousy for the other girl. Why? Is it because she was poor? You, like many others may say yes,but that is not true. Poverty could not have resulted to this jealousy. The girl was simply feeling inferior. She has said to herself : ''I am simply poor and unlucky'' and have forgotten the gracious gift and quality that she was brilliant and intelligent. She could not see that with such gift,she could even become richer that the girl from a rich background later in life.The point here is that the feeling of inferiority of oneself can make one become jealous of another for little a reason or nothing. If the poor girl had over looked what the rich girl enjoys,she could not have in any way,develop jealousy.
  • Another major cause of jealousy is failure. Again,failure can be in different forms and shapes. For the girls and ladies,it is so simple to understand a fact here. You know,jealousy arises more among girls than boys. Men would usually concentrate on what makes money for them than giving opportunity for jealousy. So,for our ladies out there,when one of them tries to have and enjoy a sweet relationship with her boyfriend but fails,she quickly gets jealous if her friend or friends succeed in having a sweet romantic relationships with their guys. The worse and more meaning of jealousy comes on the day of their wedding. Yes,the lady whose relationship couldn't make it to marriage will definitely be at the weddings of her friends,but I tell you,her heart will be so filled with great jealousy. Our point here is that,when something is not working so well for you and it is working so perfectly for another,the root of jealousy definitely grows up in you. 
  • Another major cause of jealousy,the last one in this article is lack of contentment. Did you know that there are people who lack even when they have much? We have an example here  for you. There was a woman the address of whose house we can't remember now. Her husband makes sure that she has every necessary thing she needs namely,a car,a beautiful house in her name,and some monthly allowances from him. Did you know that even in abundance of material wealth, this woman still feels she has nothing. Well,it happened that another woman next her compound has of course a car but she has a driver who drives her. So the former woman mentioned above began to develop some jealousy. Why? What for? The other woman has a driver and she also wants to have her own driver . Could you imagine that? Hahaha we call this an arrant nonsense!  The truth is this : The woman who has a driver that drives her is suffering from Arthritis which has even resulted to partial stroke for her. And this is what the first woman here yearns for.
  Our points: There is no need of getting jealous of what we do not have in life. People have and posses things that fit their situations. No two people are exactly the same and so are our needs.However,if there is anything you need that you do not have yet,hard work and perseverance will give it to you,and never jealousy! Jealousy,if you do not know takes away the opportunities that bring every good thing to life,living you with nothing!! 

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