why there is a decline in number of teachers -decline of teachers,decline in respect of teachers,

Time and again,the Ministry of Education decries dearth of teachers in various societies,especially in developing countries like Nigeria. For example,Professor Baba Aliyu Mohammad,the Executive Secretary of National Council for College of Education,NCCE many times have stated : ''Though,a lot of technical education teachers are produced from various institutions in the country,there is still a dearth of this caliber of teachers in classrooms nationwide''. Again,professor Baba Aliyu Mohammad reminded graduates to occupy an enviable position in the nation's effort towards technological growth and charged them to diligently practice what they learnt in the college for the benefit of the society at large. Why then is the number of teachers declining in developing countries like Nigeria,despite the effort from the Ministry of Education to promote good,viable teachers? When we say decline of teachers,do we really mean that schools are actually lacking teachers in schools to say? Why has the Ministry of Education over the years,been charging graduates to justify their training in school,by practicing their profession with zeal for the benefit of society? These and many more,we would be looking at,in the topic. Read more: Reasons for decline of male teachers in schools


To start with,teaching has been said to be a charity profession. This is to say that for anyone dreaming to be a teacher especially in developing countries like Nigeria, he or she,should prepare to live a very low key life style . No wonder teachers I know in many home towns and elsewhere could hardly build a suitable mansion for living,neither is a really comfortable car,their dreams of reality. Yes,this,is one of the most basic reasons,why there is a decline of teachers in schools. Many people,would not choose teaching as career or profession,when there are many suitable jobs that can make them live a comfortable life! That is the point!!

Teaching,like every other profession should be professional in their field. This is to say that,in recruitment or employment,only trained teachers should be employed,and be given the job of teaching to teach. But most unfortunately,it is no longer so. Anyone who knows how to read and write,can now apply for the post of teaching. Yes,these ones are more often employed especially in the so called  private schools. Yes,their presence there as teachers,is the same thing as no teachers at all,as they won't deliver the mind of truly teachers in schools,where they render teaching.

Another cogent reason why there is a decline of teachers,we mean good teachers in schools,is that,the so called teachers who are not even trained to teach most often,have very bad attitudes towards their job. Many of them come late to school,and leave the schools where they teach,even before their school dismiss. Many teachers do not even know that they must write their lesson notes,before proceeding to teach. In fact,most untrained teachers lack rudiments for teaching,and at the end of the day get fired out by school authorities,or by their own consciences.Yes,what do you ever expect to see or hear,when right persons,are not given the jobs to do? We could say here,that schools ask for the decline of teachers in schools,and they've got what they asked for!!


If the Ministry of Education really want teachers to do well in their position of teaching and to occupy an enviable position in the nation's effort towards technological growth and diligent practices,we would then advise that the Ministry of education should in turn,do their best to promote the welfare of their workers. Yes,let teachers be comfortable materially,and financially,so that all their minds,heart,and souls will work with them. In this way, decline of teachers in schools,bad attitudes of teachers toward teaching,will be a thing of past!!

Again,let teaching be made professional. This is to say that only trained teachers should be employed to teach in both private and government schools. None trained teachers should not be employed to teach no matter what! However,if they must be employed,it should be as teachers assistants,giving them the opportunity to acquire teaching skills in school environment,and in Professional Teachers' Institutes,before they can be finally employed as full teachers to teach!!!

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