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Death they say is inevitable. This means that death can come to anyone at anytime,regardless of who or what one is. Yes,no one can say for sure that death can never reach him or her in life. Why then do we feel hurt,on seeing that someone is dead? Yes,we know that losing a loved one to death could really hurt,but the kind of death  we are talking about here is the death that kills a patient who has suffered and endured many kinds of pain as a result of certain illness. Should one rather not be happy that such patient is dead instead of feeling hurt himself? Why death of a patient hurts,is what we are talking about here,and we sincerely what you to reason with us on the same tiny lane of thought.

We have an example on why death of a patient hurts and why it shouldn't be. Few years ago,a young man approached our office for consolation and told us that the teaching hospital where he was coming from just told him that he would die in few weeks later. The young man in question was diagnosed of cancer. Yes he was a cancer patient but he believed that he could still make it to live longer. What he did was to travel abroad to India,where medical treatment as suggested to him by his friends was said to be better. Yes,the young man went down  to India,for a better treatment and probably to get a cure for his cancer illness. Surprisingly though,the young man began receiving treatment,and his body was so responding to it. Few months later,he called us on phone to gladly tell us that he has been cured of his cancer. Yes,we were so glad with him. Later,after receiving his full treatment,he came back,looking fresh and healthy,and the rest was the story. The Doctors in India had told him that he won't last for long,that he would soon die of that same cancer. Right then and then,the young man began to die inside of him,knowing that all efforts to keep alive had gone in vain. He later wished he never went to India for any treatment,than having gone and still came back home hopeless. Few weeks later,the young man began to stool uncontrollably,getting more weak as minutes pass by,feeling excruciating pains than he could ever endure,and later,he died.  Why death of a patient hurts is what we are looking at in this subject.

From the above example,would you say that one should get sad for such death? Would you not rather agree that the death of that young man was rather,the best thing that could have happened to him since there is no cure for his illness? Would you have preferred that that young man be living in pains day and night,without tasting anything good in his life? Then,what is the use of this life if one is living in death?


No doubt,life is a gift and the best thing anyone can enjoy. Life is even sweeter when love is shared,and when you know that there is someone who truly cares for you.  Yes,you will do everything possible to keep the relationship with your loved one warmth,and going even in difficulties.When someone you love dies,you will surely get shattered in spirit. This is the reason why death of a patient hurts. On the other hand however, when someone,a patient who has been going through internal pains as a result of illness dies,the right thing to feel we suggest,is to feel relieved because,the patient himself is also at relief,in the grave,where he is going. The question of a living hurting himself when his loved one dies especially of incurable illness that rather brings apathy,pains,and distress is unreasonable!!!

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