Hey,do you know of anyone who has an autistic child? Okay,what we mean by the autistic child is a child,who is having a brain disorder problem from birth. This type of child can neither feel the warmth or friendship from people,or family members. You know,the first time I came across an autistic child was when I saw a little boy of about 9 years,chewing some bitter leaf and at the same time,smiling. Looking at that child,I could tell that something was wrong with him. A further inquiring,into the life of that little child,made me realize that a part of his brain responsible for touch, feelings and taste has been damaged. Could you see that that little child who was living,was living in danger? Another serious thing about autism is that autism,usually leave the sufferer almost useless in life. How do you explain a child who could neither understand any language in order to communicate or interact with people around him? Even when he is hungry,he can't even express it.He just go around and put anything he sees into his mouth to satisfy his urge. Yes,how can a living being just be without having or sharing feelings with people around him? This and many other things,autism can cause for the sufferer. What to do when you have an autistic child is our focus in this issue. But first,what are the signs of autism? Read more: the consequences of poor dad on a child


Since there is no sure cure for autism anywhere in the world for now,the only medical advice for every parent is to watch out for intense struggle with ordinary activity,extraordinary sensitivity and extreme lack of sensitivity,repetitive actions,attachment to objects and aloofness. Other things parents should watch out for in their children are struggle in communication,fascination,and fixation,self injury and obvious delay in development. Parents,the moment you notice any or all of these signs in your child,please run down to any neuro special hospitals for a medical attention. Is there any hope in any autistic child? Yes,there is,and this I tell you is a good news after all.

Did you know that despite the obvious learning and behavioral challenges faced by people with autism,they have been found to excel in activities like music,visual skills,mathematics and arts? You see why it is so important that you detect early,any sign of autism in your child and run for diagnosis in order to determine the strength of the sufferer and focus on the learning skills and abilities in that direction?

The truth is that autism is not a common problem of any society in particular,but could happen to any body at anytime.  You see,no one ever prays to have a problem child,or a child who can not bring honor to his parent and family,but unfortunately,this is what many parents in the whole wide world now get in child bearing. The world  we now live in is a problem filled world. When your own share of the world is autism,my dear,bear it,and enjoy the aspect of it as seen above!!!

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