Seven reasons,why graduates can't get jobs-graduates jobs,graduates employability,

The dream of every graduate today is definitely to secure employment tomorrow and take care of his needs. On the other hand however,every parent,rich or poor could spend even their last money to ensure that the future of their children is guaranteed,by sending them to school. Unfortunately however,today's news has it on every headline paper,that over 70% of graduates are without jobs. What are the reasons why graduates can't get jobs? This and many more,we would be looking at here.

To start with,individuals,parents and families,as well as human governments,are to blame for the reasons why graduates can't get jobs. On individuals for example,how would you expect a student who goes to school to fashion after mediocrities,acquire knowledge to handle any official duties? What we are saying is that,yes,we might have thousands of people in campuses,but just only few are students. Students we mean here are people who are in schools to read. Yes,when these ones graduate from school and begin looking for jobs,there is every likelihood that they will impress their employers on their first day of interviews. We give you example. There was an employer we met somewhere in Nigeria who told us that he has been looking for graduates to employ. When we asked him what he meant by that,for we know that a lot of graduates have been to his company for interviews many times,he said: ''They are not graduates.They are just big heads for nothing. None of them could defend simple questions to prove they are qualified for any jobs.'' Yes,this is what employers get whenever they come across half baked graduates in labor market. This  again is one of the reasons why graduates can't get jobs.
Parental or family issue is another reason why graduates can't get jobs. Often,we hear how some graduates are being restricted from traveling or going places for job hunts because their parents or family fear that they might lose their children because of employment if they allow them go far distances. Dear parent,since when has God ,delegated the duty of protection of life into your care? You really want your child to secure employment but you don't want him to take a necessary risk. What kind of parent are you? Many parents who have done this have ended up keeping their children at home,thereby making it another reason why graduates can't get jobs.

The issue of government in terms of god fatherism  in the system has made it a big time reason why graduates can't get jobs. By god fatherism,we mean a situation where someone would have a friend,a father or someone dear to him,who would always be there to help him get whatever he wants at little or no cost. For example,if you and I are looking for job in an organization and it happens that your father's good friend works in that organization,there is every likelihood that you will get the job in that organization before I,just because you have an eye there. God fatherism is everywhere,and it has become one of the basic reasons why graduates can't get jobs.

Yes,another reason why graduates can't get jobs is because,there is no job. This is the only language in every NYSC orientation camp in Nigeria,where graduates and corp members are often told : ''there is no job for you out there in society,just get yourself some skill acquisitions in your service year,to help yourself,soon after your service.'' The question we now ask is : What then is the role of government for her citizens,if it can't provide employment for them?

In conclusion,we could see that the reasons why graduates can't get jobs border on individuals,families,and the government.  This is to say  that everyone of them mentioned above is the reason why graduates can't get  jobs. There are jobs everywhere we could tell you,and that is the truth. Lack of jobs is a fault,of the faculty of  half baked graduates,some stubborn families,and government!!!

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