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Like in education,foundation is as important as water is to soil. When a child is given a good and a very strong foundation in education and in other aspects of life,he is likely going to do well in school and in other things,than a child,who has a poor foundation.

 This is to say that foundation is a big lift for everything in life. We have read and  heard many clauses like : rich dad,poor dad; We've also come across the long sentence such as: ''If you are born poor,it is not your fault,but if you die poor it is your fault'' many times. The former,is what we are interested in here,whereas the later can rest at hand. Yes,the consequences of poor dad on a child,is the topic!Does the background of a child really matter in the later life of a child? What we are asking here is that,if a child's background is poor,will it in anyway affect the child? How and what are the like likely consequences of poor dad on a child? All these and many more we would be looking at here!! Read more: Is there a thing such as destiny?

Let us start with a story of one brilliant boy in a Conner. Let's call his name Nick. Yes,Nick has been a very intelligent boy right from his birth. But unfortunately,he came from a very poor background,that can only afford to pay his primary and secondary school fees. Nick never failed in any class,and he was always called a guru in science. This is because,Nick,would always have all the theories and practices of science in his lips,as though,he was born with it.You know what? Nick,couldn't go any further in school,even though,he made all his 'A level exams' in flying colors. He couldn't further his education and become a great scientist he wanted to become because,there was no one to sponsor him,not even his dad. The only thing Nick could do as a young boy was to move out of his home to a nearby city,where he thought he could raise money somehow by selling articles for someone,and engage himself in school again. Well,the ugly end of the story is that Nick,never went back to school and become what he had dreamt of in life.The consequence of poor dad,on a child!

Looking at the short story of Nick above,you can understand why Nick could not succeed in his academic quest. Yes,that is because of the consequences of being born by a poor dad,who did not make any provision for his son in life.  One of the sure consequences of poor dad on a child is that,if a child has talent or is brilliant,he might end up in a dwarf life,because,his poor background,can never give him a lift,to go on becoming what he ever dreams of becoming in life. Yes,this is the consequence of poor dad,on a child.

We have another example,showing another consequence of a poor dad on a child. This was in Nigeria,a young man in his fresh teen,who loves to play football. In fact,his friends and neighbors would always call him Kanu Nwakwo,one of the greatest and known footballers on earth. This boy called Uc,would rather miss a class in school,than miss a match in field. That is the extent he loves football. One day,one of his greatest performances in pitch,gave him a sponsor ticket to Norway,to make his dream come true. You know what later? Nick could not raise money anywhere for his travel ticket,not even from his close family members. Later,the ticket expired,and Nick,lost the opportunity of going to Norway where he could realize his football dream.

Do you think that from the stories of both Nick and Uc,if their dads were rich or at least comfortable,having made provisions for their sons future,the dreams of both Nick and Uc wouldn't have come true?  Of course it would! Children should not be born and be left on their own,if you really mean well for them. Where on earth will they start their life from if left on their own? Do you start something without nothing? Certainly not! The consequences of poor dad on a child abound so much,that if all are counted,there will be no space to contain them.
A lot of factors are always there,making their hands to drop down,when no one is there to lift them up! The consequences of poor dad on a child is disaster,and destructive!!!

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