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Volunteerism is the act of giving oneself,one's time and energy freely to especially charity organizations. This is to say that one can actually get up and decides that all he or she whats to do with his or her time is to give it out to working for any agencies,without expecting to get a pay for it. A lot of youths especially in developing countries are not willing to engage themselves in volunteerism. The reasons for this are our points of discussion here. This is monicdiarys.blogspot.com! Welcome!! Read more: why lack of volunteerism means lack of wealth

From our voice pox  with youths in some developing countries in Ghana and Nigeria,we found out that the simple truth why youths in developing countries  aren't  willing to volunteer themselves is due to lack of motivation from the part of government and private agencies. Since their governments have weak plans for their youths development,the youths in turn go their way to seek for the things that will pay them instead of  going out for volunteerism.

Poverty is another reason why youths in developing countries are not willing to volunteer. This is because,in volunteerism,a volunteer is expected to come to work on his own,supporting himself financially in transportation to and fro his work place,taking care of his feeding while at work, and doing other things as well from his pocket.  This alone is a big discouragement to youths.

Volunteerism means giving more of everything freely,and receiving the benefits much later in life. How can one who is striving to survive give little or nothing he has freely? Where would youths get the needed  energy and encouragement  for volunteerism? A lot of lack of many factors are recognizable hindrances to why youths in developing countries are not willing to volunteer. 

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