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A lot of people by now would be wondering why lack of volunteerism means lack of wealth. What wealth are we talking about here? Could it be financial wealth? Since in volunteerism,volunteers are the ones who give,without expecting to get a pay. They give out their time and energy freely,and many times,they also give out their money to meet up with certain situations. How then can lack of  volunteerism mean lack of wealth? Look down below and see with your eyes. Read more: why youths in developing countries are not willing to volunteer

What a lot of people do not know about volunteerism is that volunteerism brings about a lot of opportunities. Opportunity to meet people from different countries and background,opportunity of working with people with wealth of knowledge,opportunity of working in places you could be trained before using or handling equipment,opportunity of being to places you may not have been except by volunteering.

Volunteerism opens the doors of opportunities to volunteers any where in the world. For example,if you volunteer to work in orphanage,you will be able to see what it feels like to be abandoned. If you have never experienced bathing babies before,you will be taught how to do so,there in orphanage homes. This is a wealth of experience.

Again for those who like to know how HIV/AIDS patients are counseled and treated by medical and psychological experts,volunteering in HIV/AIDS control agencies will give you a fine opportunity to grab and tap their knowledge. This again is wealth of knowledge.

Volunteerism can take you to places you may not have on own gone to. For example,if you are a volunteer in any organization which usually goes out for rally and give sensitization to people,it will be a huge of experience,meeting different people in different places,and acquiring knowledge and experiences.

Volunteerism has been a wonderful platform which has  given a lot of graduates wealth of first hand working experiences. With the experiences they acquire in organizations and offices where they have voluntarily served,many have been able to secure well paying jobs for themselves. Yes,this is wealth!

Spirit of volunteerism is a good,fulfilling one.First,it shows that a volunteer is one of the privileged few that possesses  the spirit of humanitarian services. There is nothing to be compared with this kind of possession as far as humanity is concerned.

The wealth as benefits volunteerism offers are very numerous to mention. Yes,volunteerism is something for you,me,and everyone in the society of mankind to do. Some people are asking: Where,and how can I volunteer? Join us to find out in our next article.

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