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We could see that a lot of people are marveled with the academic  reports of how much better ,government institutions have made histories in academic performance,in sports and in other areas despite many weaknesses. The reason for their excellence are what we want to discuss. Stay with us on monicdiarys.blogspot.com. Read more:government institutions:bad news and weaknesses

Our people from Africa say : ''All works without play makes Jack a dull boy.'' What are we saying? Students in government institutions are let out to be  as free as birds of the heavens. In all they do,they are mindful of their studies,and taking seriously their lectures as well. This we could observe.

Strike actions alone could be enough to drop down the academic wings of government students. But no. In fact,the way these students bounce and go for their examinations as soon as their strikes are over,tells you that they are ever ready to defend their course no matter what. This means,even in silence of school activities,government school students engage themselves in one form of academic activity or the other somewhere else. This is a huge reason why government institutions do better despite all odds.

If there is anything from our research that has made government institutions' students perform better in their academics,it is that these people are very good in forming study groups where brains come together,to solve certain issues. Would you not sat that this is again the reason why government institutions,do better despite all odds?

Reports have shown that over 70% of government institutions practice American system of education,the only system of education that creates an academic environment for their students to have little knowledge of everything. This is why a hostel is allocated to students from different department, and each room is a mixture of different students from different department as well. Yes,this alone enables students to have interchange of knowledge among themselves,being another wonderful reason why government institutions do better than private institutions despite all odds.

It is only in government institutions that you would hear: ''Survival of the fittest!'' This is so because,their students compete in virtually everything to survive. The schools environment which students find themselves do not allow laxity,laziness,or give room for pampering.  Every student struggles to make it on their own.

If you go for lecturing in government institutions,you will find out that their system of teaching is purely lecturing,and not teaching per say. Their lecturers give their students notes,for them to make their own notes by themselves. Of course,you know so well that making notes goes beyond what one has received from the class. It involves absolute research from both hard and soft materials,to have the minds of a lecturer. This alone is the reason why government institutions do better despite all odds.

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