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From our first article,we have seen some unreasonable behaviors which have ended marriage relationships,from beautiful examples of real life situations. The only thing we could say is that you should avoid such reasons,in order to save your marriage. The reasons for this,would be discussed here :why and how to avoid unreasonable behavior for divorce.Read more: long term effects of divorce on children

Let us take the first example of a Professor,who divorced her husband because he slept with their house maid. Yes,it could be very painful  we know,but truly,you can avoid unreasonable behavior. Why? In order to save your marriage.  How? let's see from that same example. The problem in the professor's marriage was that,her husband committed adultery with their house maid. The deed has been done,but,the marriage could have been saved if only she hadn't gone for divorce. The Professor could have at least sent the girl packing,or sending her away to a far distance,where she could be settled to live her life comfortably. By so doing,the maid may not have any reason to come back to the man again. If however she was pregnant,there are two things that could have been possibly done. One is that,the family could have arranged for the girl to remain somewhere,comfortable,and give birth to her baby,and then decide whether to give the baby to the father or to continue having the baby with her. The second thing that can be done to a lady who sleeps with her madam's husband is to send her outrightly packing to wherever, even without the consent of her husband. Let her go and face the consequences of her unreasonable behaviors.

You see,the first and only thing you should always think of whenever there is a disturbing situation,a threat to your marriage should be what and how to avoid divorce,how to save your marriage.

Divorce means leaving your home,your husband for another woman. What situation could make divorce a better choice than saving your possession,you home?  The problem with divorce is not that it will make you being single again,both that you have given one naughty woman,an opportunist to take over ,and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

In as much as unreasonable behaviors can be heart breaking,we still insist that you bear it,endure it,and save your home for your children,and your offspring!!!

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