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The issue of volunteerism has be stressed out a lot in our various articles. So far,we have considered the benefits of volunteerism, why youths are not willing to volunteer,and where and how one can volunteer. In this article,we want to know who should volunteer,using the topic: Who are the right persons to volunteer? The reason for this topic is that there are actually people out there who do not know whether they should volunteer or not. Is there any age for this? Is there any status I should reach before volunteering? Is volunteerism made for only those seeking for experience? Who are the right persons to volunteer? Read more: where and how to volunteer

No,there is no age specific for volunteerism. Volunteerism means giving out one's time and energy freely for people. At times,it also involves some financial offer to meet a particular need. Therefore,as long as you have any of the mentioned resources such as time,and energy,my dear,you are qualified to become a volunteer.

A lot of people also think that volunteerism is for people seeking experience. No,it is not. This is because, people who have worked,labored and retired have also been listed among those,who have volunteered at one time or the other. What other experience is anyone who has really worked for many years and have retired,be looking for in volunteerism?

Again,it has come to our knowledge that some people think that volunteerism is fit for students who are on holidays. Is this true? No. Students can also volunteer even while still in school on weekends basis.

Can public figures and celebrities volunteer? Perfectly well! In fact,in as much as these bold faces can pay visits to motherless homes and offer their gifts,they can also volunteer themselves for the interest of the people. For example,musical and movie artists can sometimes make time to teach their communities necessary skills for stage performance freely. Volunteerism to these ones is another way of giving back to society what they have also received.

There is no kind of person that is not fit to volunteer in a way,except toddlers,and needful. As long as you are willing to offer help,and you have the energy to do so,my dear,you are very much qualified to volunteer for services,both for public benefits,and for individuals you know somewhere!!!

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