What you should do when your friends are getting married before you-marriage facts,marriage forms,

The common expression ''All fingers are not equal''is a well known one,but such a hard one to accept,in reality,when it comes to anyone. Yes,this is because,nature always fails one,when one is tempted to endure certain things that come their way,despite all their efforts. We have this in marriage,and relationships. If your  friends are getting married every now and then and no one seems to be with you or for you,how would you feel? What would you do? Here are what you should do when your friends are getting married before you. Read more: What it feels when your friends are getting married before you.

We have received a lot of news that many girls out of jealousy,that their friends are in a better relationships than they are,do terrible things to their friends. For example,a lady I would call Nicky,called her friend's fiancee,and told him that the lady,her friend,he wants to marry,have other boyfriends she hangs out with. She said that she just called to tell him this for his own interest. Can you imagine? The worse of it all is that we later found out that it was a plot that the girl called Nicky,sets,in order to disrupt her friend's romantic relationship. That girl called Nicky is a mess of ladies. Thanks to goodness,her friend's relationship,ended up in marriage,and Nicky lost.

Ladies,if your friends are getting married before you,no problem. Just watch and wait! Ask yourself,''If my friend's fiancee comes and asks my hand in marriage,would I accept him?'' Am sure you won't. Everyone has his own kind of man that she desires for marriage. Your friend's choice can never be yours,except you are desperate,wanting just any man for marriage.

What you should do when your friends are getting married before you is ''simply be happy for them. Force the joy out of your face,and make it radiate in you. Take active part in the preparation of their weddings as a sister,and close friends would  do. Then,at the wedding reception,dance and keep warm! Don't forget to dress and look your best on that day.''

It is a normal thing to feel worthless,or bad that your friends are getting married before you,but,always be assured  that yours is coming,and it won't be late!!

Finally,take comfort in knowing that there is time for everything under the earth. At this period,it may not be your time,yours is coming. And more importantly,there is no best on earth,in anything. That your friends are getting married doesn't mean anything so different. Be sure that they will surely have their own tribulations in their marriage,which you have escaped at the moment you are being single.

Yes,singleness is a gift. Enjoy all the gifts of being single now. Enjoy the absolute freedom that singleness offers before marriage comes your way!!!

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