what it means for lecturers to sleep with their students.-lecturers breaking news,lecturers bullying students,

The issue of lecturers sleeping with their students in school is no longer a news,especially in government institutions. The reason for this odd practice is to take an undue advantage of children,who have come to learn in schools. What does it mean for lecturers to sleep with their students? Let's find out together in monicdiarys.blogspot.com!

The issue of a lecturer sleeping with his student is liking to a man,who offers to take  a little girl,to live in his care. As little as this girl is,the only thing he dims fit to do with the girl,is to ask her to come to his room,make her lie in his bed,and force her to open her legs,while he violates her. How would you describe this man? We all here call him a shameless,and good for nothing man.  The same is any lecturer,who intimidates and forces a student in whose care she is,for guidance and mentorship.Read more:government institutions:bad news and weaknesses

When a lecturer descend too low to share  his bed with a female student who is as old as his own daughter,it then means that he is a stupid man,a hungry lion in a sheep covering looking for someone to devour. That lecturer,shows that he is nothing better than a mere boy,who has nothing to offer.

Only hungry and poor lecturers can sleep with their students.They lack sense of self worth,and dignity. No respected lecturer can come so low as to make a student see his nakedness. What would you call a man who has sold his shame and work about with shameless face? That is what it means for a lecturer to sleep with his students!!

Any lecturer who sleeps with his student is a future destroyer. He is not even qualified to teach,not to talk of lecturing. It means he is a rapist,and a killer. He is a shit that smells fowl even though he wears white clothes!!!

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