What it feels when your friends are getting married before you-friends after marriage,best friends before marriage,

We live in the world of unequal opportunities. In a world where someone is better than you are,and where you are definitely better than others as well. It is in a world where many things do not work as planned that we all live in. Yes,we all live in a world that brings tears and disappointment to us. What does it actually feel when your friends are getting married before you? Let's see together!

Friends are like cliques,bond together. When just one of them leaves,the others feel some emptiness,within them. Certainly,it feels boring,and unfair,when just one friend leaves for sometime. How much more when it is for marriage. There is something that makes this more difficult to bear. Friends discuss all kinds of issues together and share the feelings of it together. Now the question of who marries first, usually becomes the issue. Another thing that makes the issue one friend getting married before the other is the fact that many of friends in a clique are in relationships almost at the same time. You would no doubt agree that it certainly makes the other feel down when her own relationship is not working fine.

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Yes,everyone always wishes that his or her desires come first before the others. I give you an example: At a wedding occasion,our camera got a beautiful lady standing at a corner in tears. When I approached her in a manner that I cared and really wanted to help,she opened up to me saying '' I wish this is happening to me now. I wish toady is my wedding day as well,I am sick and tired of attending friends weddings,from time to time. I feel I am being cheated by nature,I feel that I am unfortunate in life.'' Hush,I could feel her touch and story. I can also understand what it feels like not having your heart desire,when others are having theirs,come true. I know it feels bad,and it is quite painful too. It makes you feel unfortunate,and less better than your friends are. But gladly,it is not so.You are neither less better or unfortunate than your friends are,because of marriage! What just happened in this situation is the fact that your friends are getting married before you. Just what will happen next,you do not know.You don't know the next in line. What should you do if your friends are getting married before you? Please find out in our next article: What you should do when your friends are getting married before you!!!

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