what is this about virginity? -virginity and emotional attachment,

There is this thing about women, that many people are crazy about. It is about being a virgin until a woman is given in marriage. Virginity!virginity!!virginity!!! Did you know that in Africa,men who believe that they are being married to virgins,usually spread white bed shits  on their bed the very first day they would sleep with their wives? Then,on finding out that she is a virgin,the husband would return to her in-law with a bottle of wine and some gift items,to appreciate his in-law for the moral upbringing of his wife. And for those whose wives have been deflowered,by some other men,before marriage,they usually feel very low,and not as proud as those who have been married to virgins. So we ask ''What is this about virginity?

First and foremost,it a a normal thing for a woman to remain a virgin until she is finally married to her husband. But unfortunately,things have changed from being normal to abnormal. We now live in generation,where virginity is seen as old fashion,so much that our girls get deflowered,in or before their teens.

A lot of factors have contributed to girls and ladies losing their virginity so early before marriage. Some among others are poverty,hunger,greed to get what they want, lack of self control,and pressure.

You will agree with our findings that some girls,who have needs for certain material things which they can't afford,end up giving up their bodies to men in bed as long as they would get their quest for material things ready,at the end of the day. Thus losing their virginity to a man for just little thing or nothing.

All of the factors that make girls and ladies lose their virginity are so strong to resist. This is why,a husband,having found out that his wife was a virgin,return to his in-law with lots of gifts,to say thank you. To such men,he has gotten a jewel,whose price is more than a gold.

What is this about virginity? Virginity signifies virtue,chastity,strength,honor,purity,and innocence. Who will have a woman with all of these qualities,and will not regard himself as being the most fortunate?

Being a virgin shows that you are quality,and not just quantity. It signifies that you are a resistant,where other girls could fail. Yes,being a virgin means you know your worth,and that you couldn't give your worth for nothing. What is this about virginity you know???Read more: Is virginity outdated in our generation?

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