the effects of prayer books on users-prayer books for couples,prayer books for sale,

Like we have seen in our last discussion : 'Prayer book isn't a form of prayer',buying prayer books to pray with it is the same thing as buying someone prayers,as your own. What are the effects of prayer books on users? This is our point of discussion on Welcome!!

Let's say you want to ask your dad for something,or that you want to tell him something,and the only way you want to do so is by writing it down on a paper,and on getting to him,rather than telling him direct using visual contact,you do so by reading it from a book. What do you think would be your dad's reaction? He would look at you like :'Something is really wrong with my son'! Exactly!!
How can someone go to his own father to ask him for something and instead of telling his father from his mouth,he decides to do so by reading it out from a book. First a wise father would send such son out of his presence,and secondly,he would be sure that something is really wrong with him. Read more: why prayer books isn't a form of prayer

The same is applicable to praying to God,using prayer books. It doesn't show any respect to the creator,it doesn't show one is any close to his God.

Another effect of using prayer books on the user is that it denies one right of having a warm relationship with his creator. You cannot be close to God,if you don't talk to Him from your heart.

By using prayer books,you cannot talk to God from your heart,using right words that describe your feelings,intentions,and your situations. No man on earth can see what your problems are,exactly the way they are in your heart. Only you can,and so,by using prayer books in your prayers,you would have denied yourself,your right to personally talk to God from your heart,and telling him your exact needs!!!

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