The effects of god fatherism to society-god fatherism and corruption in Nigeria,

Having seen a number of people who have struggled to get jobs,and other needs on merits,still failed to succeed because of the effect of god fatherism,one would like to know what can be done to trash this menacing act. That however,is not our point of discuss here. We want to see
the exact effects of god fatherism to society.

Let us start with an example. In a seminar we had in a city in Nigeria, someone came to me and told me me that honestly,he didn't like the job he was doing in a particular organization. When I asked him why he would apply for jobs he didn't like,he told me that he never applied for the job. He said that the his telephone rang one day,and was asked to start up a job the next day. Just like that! How? you may ask.  Yes,it happened that a senator from his political zone gave automatic jobs to all graduates in his community,without even considering their strengths,and weaknesses,and other important issues. The truth of the matter is that,although that person was given a job,but not knowing anything about the nature of the job,make him always make a mess of everything at his table.

This is true ,god fatherism is not helping society to grow. This is because,graduates who have good certificates,who have been duly trained to do certain jobs judiciously,are not given the jobs. While they are at home,others,who know little or nothing about certain jobs,would be given to do the jobs,because of god fatherism.. And what do you expect in this situation? A mess of everything. Read more: god fatherism as the major key factor of corruption in Nigeria

It is the concept of god fatherism has brought about state of lawlessness and disorderliness in a society. Yes,how can someone breaks a law,and go score free,because he is a son to one governor? If he is allowed to go unpunished today,tomorrow,he will do something worse than he has done.

The concept of god fatherism brings about discrimination,and injustice in a society. Yes,discrimination in the sense that one set of people will be given their wishes,against the will of others. Most times too,we see how one's merit will be given to another,because,the other has an upper hand over him.

For the fact that god fatherism gives jobs and other opportunities to people without merits,makes it unfair,since there are people who are denied the same choice of opportunities,even on their merits. These are the effects of god fatherism in a society. Can anything be done to eradicate the concept of god fatherism in a society? Your answer is as beautiful as mine!!!

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