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The word discipline means to correct,to adjust,in order to bring the better and value of oneself. Discipline is for good,yet, it comes with pains. Yes,this is what discipline means in our time,but it will surprise you to know that really,discipline from the original concept is not another word for punishment. What do we mean? Can a child be disciplined without receiving punishment? Yes he can. This is why the best way to discipline children wins our topic!

First you must know that discipline goes with instructions. The question should be how one can give instructions to children,so that it can be received at the end of the day. Do so mildly,and avoid cruelty and harshness. .

Secondly,discipline goes with education. So what kind of education can you give your child to impart discipline in him?  It is your responsibility as parent to train  and teach your children how to behave.Educate them whenever,and wherever they need to know certain things to improve their persons.

Thirdly,discipline involves correction. Yes,this is the most important reasons why parents and guardians offer discipline to their children. You don't just discipline a child unless the child has gone astray,and you want to bring him back to his senses. Remember,not by beating or punishment. In fact,it is most advisable that parents should not discipline their children when they are angry,otherwise,their words will be like the stabs of a sword that will hurt them.

When you give discipline,do it in such a way that the person receiving the discipline can actually  come to love it.  Therefore,avoid abusiveness .

Parent,whenever you are disciplining your children,make sure your intention is to instruct,educate,and  correct waywardness. Help your children to understand the reasons why they should be obedient,and that means teaching,and passing instructions. This is the best way to discipline children!!!

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