Should I Tell My Fiancee About My Past?-my past flirts with me,my past experience,

The question of whether one should tell her fiancee about her past is a very difficult question to answer. This is because,any wrong answer can lead to a very serious problem in already established relationship. Does that mean that there is never answer to the question : ''Should I tell my fiancee about my past?'' No,there is,and that is why we are here with the same question. Let's consider this together:

Should I tell my fiancee about my past? The answer is yes and at the same time no. When is the answer yes,and when is it no?

 Let's use a novel to find out. If you are given a novel to read,would it be reasonable to have been told the story by the person who gave you the novel before you read through it? Definitely,it will be more reasonable that you read through it first,and maybe for clarity purposes,the person who gave you the novel can explain certain things in the novel to you. This should exactly apply to your relationship.

Your past was lived without your present fiancee. Whether your past was sweet or soar is not necessary now. What you need now is to have a good working relationship with your fiancee,and finally get into the isle and say 'yes I do'.

You know there is no way he will not finally find out certain things about your past. This is someone you will have to spend the rest of your life with in marriage. So dear,relax and concentrate with those issues that can make your marriage a success. Later when your relationship is deeply established,and you both begin to know more things about each other,then you can tell your fiancee,certain things about your past.

What if your fiancee asks you about your past? Well,if he asks you about your past,there is nothing wrong if you brieve him. This means that you should not tell him everything about your past,otherwise,you may end up implicating yourself. He may even realize from your stories that you are at fault. And if the fault itself is one he can't tolerate,he may as well discard you out of his life.Read more :
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What exactly do you want to tell your fiancee about your past? What do you want to achieve by telling him? Do you think he will believe your stories? Most times,telling your past to your fiancee does not make any difference. After all,you have a fiancee,not because of your past,but because he loves your person you are now,and wants to live with you as his wife.

 Should I tell my fiancee about my past???

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