should I marry my classmate boyfriend? boyfriend and girlfriend,boyfriend dream meaning,

The question of whether you should marry your classmate boyfriend is a very hard one to answer. This is because,what is usually felt at school age is most times infatuation,rather than love. Should I marry my classmate boyfriend? Let us consider together. Read more: how to avoid further disappointment from a boyfriend

But let me even ask you this simple question: What have you people been discussing to the point that you are asking whether you should marry your classmate boyfriend? Sweet heart,are you really sure that you are in school,facing your studies as it is expected?

Come to think of it: ''If you think that what you are feeling is right,and that you are thinking aright, would you have asked us to know if it is right for you to marry your classmate boyfriend?'' If you are not comfortable with the decision of making marriage at this time,then quit. It is a big message that you should not marry your classmate boyfriend at this time.

Again,marriage is for mature people and adult. Are you sure that you are mature? Is your boyfriend as mature as you are? If both of you are still teenagers,and you are thinking of getting married,the answer to your question: Should I marry my classmate boyfriend from all of us here is NO! Wait until you are mature to do so.

One thing about feelings and attraction is that they change within the passage of time. Don't be surprised that in the next two or three years time,what you feel for this boyfriend of yours might definitely change. By then,your sense of reasoning and judgement will mature,and you will be able to make better and right choice of a marriage mate. Should I marry my classmate boyfriend? My dear,our answer here is : 'wait,until,your get a little older.'

I know a lot of people who have married their classmates boyfriend,and are still living together in love till date. So my dear, there is nothing wrong in marrying your classmate except in doing so when you are not sure of what you want in a marriage. While not concentrate in your studies,and give everything time. If by the time you are through with your secondary school studies,and probably you are in high institution,and both of you still feel romantic attraction for each other even more,then my dear,the correct answer to you question: 'Should I marry my classmate boyfriend is YES!!!

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