Reasons,why married men fall in love with single women-men express,

The rate at which married men chase single ladies and women these days are quite alarming. Most times too,married men pretend they are never married,in order to get the attention of single and young women. Why on earth would married men fall in love with single women when out there,they have families? Here are the reasons:

  • You see,before a man finally settles with a woman in marriage,his heart,mind and soul,must have agreed to settle with her. This is the only condition,that can,to an extent,make a man respect his wife enough not to cheat on her. So ladies,before you say ''I do'',make sure that your fiancee is truly a lover,one who loves you with all his heart,for who you are,and not for what you are.

  • Lack of satisfaction with their wives is another reason why married men fall in love with single women. What exactly do men want to see in their wives? Neatness,industriousness,good cooks,and good home care takers. These are the basic things that men surely want to see in their wives. In absence of seeing these qualities,married men,will surely fall in love with single women who have such dear qualities. Woman,know your husband's needs,and give it to him,if you do not want him get another woman into your home.

  • S*x,is another important thing that men like,like they love food. Yes,there are some men,who would  never get satisfied in bed with their wives. Just what else they want in bed is what I cannot explain. My dear woman,please,learn different bed practices with hobbies,to freshen the romantic taste of your husband in bed. Read more: how to show love to your partner

  • Lack of children in marriage bed. Not having a child in marriage can drive out a married man to falling in love with single women. But,men,falling in love with single women,will never give you the satisfaction in your marriage. Why it may give you  a child or children you are looking for,it will end up causing more serious troubles for you.

Reasons why married men fall in love with single women abound.Whatever reason there may be, can never be proven right,neither can it justify their actions.Men,be real men when you are married! If you truly want your wife to remain faithful to you,you too must stay faithful to her in return. Many married men have done this,and will still do it again!Join the moving train that you can!!!

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