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This is another article of  how natural selection can affect a man well being. In part one of this article,we could see that one's family background matters a lot in what one becomes in life. This article also stresses the same point,but using more examples,from a very different angle. How natural selection can affect a man well being -part two,is our well chosen topic here. Read more: how natural selection can be altered

Let us look at blood group and genotype. It is the natural selection that can make individuals to be either AA,AS,or SS. No one can decide for himself,his own blood group or genotype,except natural selection.

Again,there are other things that one can't choose in life by himself. It is one's parent, family,color,and country. If only nature can open the eyes see from the womb,and make humans see different realities of this world,I am sure that no one would ever let himself be born in a poor family,color,blood group and genotype,and even in certain countries.  This is because,as we have seen,natural selection can affect the decision that one makes in life,and can as well,affect the well being of a man.

A lot of couples have same s*x children and are not satisfied with it. This situation has resulted to problems in many homes and families. If only man can actually determine and control nature,then,there would be fewer problems in life.

There is this other thing of natural selection. It is the possession of mind,strength and ability,IQ, and behavior. These are common traits of humans based on their family makeups. Any notable traits in a family,is likely going to be inherited by the children born in that family. Natural selection would not even consider the future of the children,so as to prevent them from inheriting traits that might not be of any help  to them.

We have seen so far from the first and second article on natural selection that really,people can never be the same in everything. Not even identical twins. Many times,there are differences in their IQ,in the way they think and reason,and even in other habits. It is a good news for us to know that natural selection can at times be altered. How? Please join us in our next article : How natural selection can be
altered: The good and benefits!!!

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