Is virginity outdated in our generation? -virginity and marriage

In olden days,virginity used to be the the gift,a bride gave to her husband,on their first day in bed. It becomes so cool and okay,that every maiden or young woman who got married,must present it,her virginity,to her husband  as an honor, on their first day in bed,while her people,eagerly waited the arrival of her husband with gift items to say ''Thank you'' for the moral way they have brought up their daughter,who has become his wife. Today,what do we have? Do we still see husbands go to their in-laws with gifts of appreciation,to say ''Thank you'' for having married virgins? Hardly! Is virginity outdated in our generation?

From our previous article:''Is there such thing as virginity?'' We could see that virginity signifies virtue,strength,and  mark of self control. Now,would you say that something such as these  be outdated? To say that virginity is outdated in our generation is to say that we belong to a generation that lacks good sense,and a generation that doesn't deserves goodness. This is to say that we live in a moral bankrupt society.

Is virginity outdated in our generation? Definitely no! There are still  millions of people out there who are still virgins,and they are so so happy,that they have been able to win temptations to break out. A lot of young girls out there fear that virginity is no longer appreciated,and that it is now outdated in our generation. This is a false statement my dear that is unfounded. If you are still a virgin,continue keeping it for your dear husband,and I tell you,your reward from him will be countless,and endless!

Yes,virginity in the past generation was valued and appreciated,because,back then in the society,there were better people,who have regard for what is good,and respect purity,unlike whom we have today. Asking if virginity is outdated toady is like asking if morality is out of date. You know it can never be out of date. No matter how corrupt,and immoral lots of people still choose to be,there are still thousands of people who choose to remain incorruptible,and moral. If you are one of them,then,you are fortunate my dear,keep it up! For millions are with you!!! Read more:why the concept of virginity can never be outdated

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