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Hello,is there a thing such as destiny? We mean,do you believe that something has already been predestined,usually inevitable or irresistible? So many people believe that there is destiny in life. They believe that whatever thing that has happened to an individual has been channeled to happen,and nothing would have stopped it from happening at the moment it wishes to happen. Is there a thing such as destiny? Let's find out together. Read more: Is death created with life?

To believe that there is such thing as destiny means that something somewhere is having absolute  control over us,our actions,and deeds. That means that even when one does a terrible thing,he can never be blamed for it. Then,the law must have been an ass for passing serious verdicts that can lead to death. The law again must have been an ass for believing that man is guilty for committing certain crime,instead of blaming the mysterious nature of man,which controls his actions.

Please don't get me wrong,when I said  that the law is an ass,for believing that man is guilty when he commits a crime. This is because,since course of event is already predetermined,usually irresistible,why would a man be found guilty for committing a crime,he may not have have been able to resist? You know that he may have tried so hard to stop the crime as he sees it coming,but because it's something beyond his power,something he can't stop or resist,he just has to let it go. If you doubt this to be normal and true,then it means that there is no such thing as destiny.

Is there a thing as destiny? Yes,some certainly believe that not everything  has destiny,but aging and death have been destined,and no one can resist or stop them from happening.  To this group of believer,are you saying that from the beginning,it has been destined that man must grow old and die? Then your thought must have been against the Almighty God,the one who made man and everything from the beginning,and blessed man with the intention to live forever. He says that eternity,he has placed in the heart of man! I strongly disagree with this group of thinkers who believe that aging and death have been predestined to happen to man.

Is there a thing such as destiny? If you say yes,then,it means that it has been predestined that you would ask this question,make research,and reach a conclusion,at this moment. Even to students,it must have been true that  passing their examinations is by chance,not by their effort. If it goes by any effort applied in reading and studying,then agreeably,there is no such thing as destiny. What do you still think: Is there a thing such as destiny?

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