Is stealing a mental illness?-stealing consequences,stealing sickness,

Stealing,is the act of taking something that doesn't belong to you either by force,or without the owner knowing. Does this act look to you like a mental illness?  Many people we have met with the question: ''Is stealing a mental illness'' all
sound confusing. They do not have exact answers to the question. So we ask you again: '' Is stealing a mental illness?'' Let's discuss this together.

The question: '' Is stealing a mental illness?'' makes it look that a normal person should not steal right? Yes,that is what we could depict from the question. And since normal people shouldn't steal,it then means that stealing is a mental illness. But do people with mental issue think calculatively and intelligently? No,never! Because,they cannot even reason.  So,is stealing a mental illness?

From our previous article,we could see that one of the causes of stealing is jealousy. How can someone suffering from mental illness feel jealous of someone,to the point  that he desires to have what the other  person has? My dear,this feeling is beyond a mental ill brain. It is only one with full capacity of brain,that will be able to think large and wide as this.

The only form of stealing that is related to mental illness well known in the world is kleptomania.First described in 1816, kleptomania is classified in psychiatry as an impulse control disorder. This explains why even the most expensive royalties on earth suffer from this embarrassing illness called kleptomania,to the point that they pick minor and common items that they can never need or use. This act of stealing is obviously quite different from the type of stealing we have,so rampant today.

Do people steal unknowingly? No,stealers first calculate their moves before they take off. And when caught and you ask them their reasons for stealing,you will hear them say a lot of things,showing they know what they are doing. But if their stealing is one resulting from a mental illness,they would not even have any say on why they steal. They would be looking very confused,indicating that they do not know exactly what they do. Is stealing a mental illness??? Read more: causes of stealing- Discussions

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