Is it normal to love any kind of man for marriage?-married again,marriage and romance,

Have you seen a lady who is usually attracted to any kind of man ? When she sees a black man,she is attracted to him. When a fair one comes  her way,she says ''yes''. Are you one of them? Do you feel attracted to any kind of man for marriage? Is it normal to love any kind of man for marriage?

When I was in secondary school,I fell in love with a young man. Did you know what attracted me to him? His stature,and color. I didn't know whether he loves me or not,but truly speaking,his physique gave me a lot joy and satisfaction. Again,at that same period,another young man who had idea that I love that young man told me ''When you see the one you truly love,you will now. First,your heart leaps for joy,and on seeing him,your heart lingers,and you may even loss control of yourself''. That to me is okay. It is love,real love!

There was this close friend of mine that claims love. What surprises me about this lady mine,is the fact that every man who came to her for marriage was different from the other. One who came to her for marriage was short and black,and she said yes,to him. Later,when the relationship ended,another man, tall and fair,came to her and proposed marriage to her,and she said,yes. She got me surprised with her choices of lover,all along. Is it normal to love any kind of man for marriage?

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To say that it is normal for a woman to love any kind of man for marriage is to say that there is no such thing as choice. This is bad my dear lady. You should have a choice. You should know what your heart desires,and what kind of man lingers in your heart. How can you love both short and tall man for marriage at the same time? It is not normal,for a normal lady,at her right age,to love any kind of man for marriage.

Have you seen a number of ladies who turned down marriage proposals because,men,who came to them for marriage,were not their heart desires? Yes,I have,and I applauded such ladies,for making bold to say NO,to what didn't appeal to their eyes. Have you not heard someone give a list of choice for marriage mate to some match makers saying ''He should be tall or average,fair,not black,and with a smiling face''. Yes,this is what we call marriage choices!

Is it normal to love any kind of man for marriage? NO my dear. It is not normal at all. This again is one reason why most times,we don't usually like the choices that our friends make for marriage mates. We don't like their choices because,whom,they have married,are not our choices as theirs,either in their physique or in their looks.

My dear,if you see and love every Tom and Jack that  comes your way,for marriage,then,you have no choice! This is not normal!!

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