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Out of all enduring qualities that can boost relationships and marriages,love is only one that is said to last forever.  How is love to be shown? No doubt in many ways. Here we are going to talk about one of the most unique ways to show love to one's partner,which is through appreciation.Read more : Appreciation,another key to a successful marriage

Appreciation is one of the most unique ways to show love to your partner. Not  everyone knows or do this in their relationship,not to talk about doing so in marriage. But research has shown that appreciation is the pillar of love. How? Let's consider:

Have you ever bought something for your love,I mean your partner before? How did you feel,being the giver? No doubt,fulfilled. Your heart radiates with joy,and it tells you how well you have done. What about when you receive a gift from your partner? Am sure you can't express your feelings. The joy,and more love you feel for him,the endless promise of love for him,forever! That is the power of appreciation for you in relationships,in marriages.

Quite unlike many lovers this day,the thought of showing appreciation to their partners is far from their heart. What we now have is the spirit of receiving,instead of giving.  Everyone,especially the ladies,feel that when their boyfriends don't give to them,then their is no love.The thought of giving their boyfriend to them shouldn't be,no,it has never be called to their mind as something important to do.Read more:Appreciation,another key to a successful marriage

How to show love to your partner -appreciation,has been the topic. We could see that appreciation is the  pillar of love,that is that,which holds love and strengthens it. If you don't understand how,it will be good to join us in our next article : 'Appreciation,another key to a successful marriage' to see the various ways one can show appreciation in marriage relationship.

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