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The roommate in our discussion here refers to a school roommate,whom you are just knowing for the first time. None of you ever bargained to live with each other. It just happened that you both found yourselves as roommates,as put together by the school authority. If your roommate is awful,how would you deal with it? How to deal with your  roommate is our point of discussion.

Let me first sight an example of an awful roommate I used to know back then in school. In respect of womanhood,I won't mention her name to you here. You see,to cut the story short,this one roommate in school was one that never knew that school rooms and hostels are made to be kept clean and neat. In her world,she never believed that it is a necessary thing to clean and keep her room and her corner neat,whereas her roommate is an epitome of neatness. Because she never cleaned up her room,and corner,she would always have problems with all the roommates she had in school,except one of them.  How and why?

Unlike every other roommates of her who would always expect that this roommate I knew should join and do cleanup together,or from time to time as others do which would always result to quarrels and lots of fights,there came an exceptional roommate who would never mind her. She would rather do the cleanup with joy,and without any complaint. Throughout a session of the school calendar,no voice of quarrels was ever heard in her room. Yes,the exceptional roommate knew how to deal with an awful roommate. She learnt to keep calm,and take up the load by herself.

An awful roommate could be noisy. If she happens to be the type,what would you do in order to deal with an awful roommate of her kind? Leave the room for her whenever you want to read and understand,and go to a quiet place for your studies. As soon as you are done with your studies and want to rest or have your leisure time,you could return to your room.

Try to mingle and make friend  with a noisy roommate,so that to an extent,you could control some of her actions,and  behavior. If you are not a friend,your roommate will rather prove to be not only difficult,but awful.

Always remember that an awful roommate is one who has attitude problem,difficult,and unacceptable characters. How would you deal with an awful roommate? Set your priority and make your standard firmly known. If possible,let both of you have an agreement of dos and don'ts in the room,and try to follow it up. Whenever she falters,remind her,and let her see where she has failed.

Fighting and quarreling can never be a way to deal  with an awful roommate. Having frequent discussions with her would be more helpful. Try to show some care and concern about her welfare,her background,and her academics. If she knows that you are a caring roommate,truly speaking,this awful roommate of yours can be a changed person because of you!!!

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