How can I deal with stress? -causes and solutions,stress management,

How much stress are you under? While some are drowning in stress,others are at their limit,yet,we see people who can handle stress and others who ask: Stress? I don't know what it is! Which of these groups of people do
you belong? Are you really stressed out that you can't handle it anymore? Is your stress overwhelming you? If that is the case,then you are one of those who ask: How can I deal with stress? Causes and solutions to this problem is what this article,gives.

One of the reasons why you are stressed up is because,you have lots to handle. For example,when you are already  overscheduling,yourself,and someone is asking you to give him a helping hand with something.What should you do? Yes,if you really want to deal with stress,you really have to learn to say no. Say no when the load is too heavy for you to carry. Here is a tip: If it's hard for you to turn down someone outright,try saying 'Let me get back to you.' Then,before giving a definite reply,ask yourself, 'Can I really afford to invest the time and energy for this activity?' Remember,everyone has a limit to what he can do. Even the biggest trucks in the world have load limit. Therefore,don't be afraid to say no,when you can't. Remember,the question is 'How can I deal with stress? Causes and solutions.

Another challenge or cause of stress is procrastination.  For example,if a task seems difficult, there is every likelihood that you may pull it off. Remember that if you do,you will definitely have to do it later,and at that time,with all your rush to complete it and face another task,you will really get yourself stressed out. What is the solution to this problem? Get started,even if you won't finish it. To create incentive,make a to-do list.Break down big tasks into manageable sizes. Never forget that confronting a hard task is bad enough,how much more it will be when you add to the load by procrastinating.

To deal with stress could be simpler if,you take good care of your body. Yes experts agree that a healthy diet,regular exercise,and proper sleep will help you get more works done.

Again,you can deal with stress by connecting with others.Don't hesitate to turn to your parent or friends whenever you need their assistance. This is because,studies have shown that emotional support reduces the damage that increased stress can cause to your heart,blood,and immune system. Are you still asking ''How can I deal with stress?' Causes and solutions of stress have been given you. All you need to do is to take them one after the other. It really works!!!

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