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All of the factors that make girls and ladies lose their virginity are so strong to resist. This is why,a husband,having found out that his wife was a virgin,return to his in-law with lots of gifts,to say thank you. To such men,he has gotten a jewel,whose price is more than a gold.

What is this about virginity? Virginity signifies virtue,chastity,strength,honor,purity,and innocence. Who will have a woman with all of these qualities,and will not regard himself as being the most fortunate?

Being a virgin shows that you are quality,and not just quantity. It signifies that you are a resistant,where other girls could fail. Yes,being a virgin means you know your worth,and that you couldn't give your worth for nothing. What is this about virginity you know???Read more: Is virginity outdated in our g. Read more:  The effects of god fatherism to society

Why god fatherism is the major key of corruption in Nigeria is not far fetched. If you are a Nigerian or you live in Nigeria,you will find out that the situation is more of what we call ''Survival of the fittest''. This is to say that if you are in Nigeria and you have no body connected or attached to important post,surviving,will be very far from you. I have an example of a friend in Nigeria,who went for a job interview in Lagos. Yes,he was interviewed,and from the look of everything that happened in the interview,he expected to secure a job there. To his greatest surprise,none of those who went for the interview was called or given any job. Those who got the job,were even people who never applied for jobs. Is there any form of corruption other than this? Yes,key stakeholders of that company fixed their candidates for employment,and their god sons,were employed,without any stress.

The concept of god fatherism is very strong in Nigeria. If your father or your father's friend is a wealthy man,and has a hug capital in a banking industry,all he needs do,if you want a job there,is to call the Director of his bank and instruct him to employ you,or his candidate in that sector. If the bank Director refuses to do so,the wealthy account owner will threaten to withdraw all his  money from that bank. Pressure usually makes board of Directors succumb to god fatherism wishes.

It is only the concept of god fatherism that can make a guilty person,acquitted of his crime without any trial.Just pick up your phone if you are in trouble and call your god father. Within a twinkle of an eye,everything will be over,and you will just go freely. 

The effect of god fatherism is so much to mention here. In our next article,we shall get them down. Please join us again!!!

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