Appreciation,another key to a successful marriage-the power of appreciation in marriage,importance of appreciation in marriage,

The dream of every married couple is to have a successful marriage till the end.From different marriage counselors,are different tips to having a successful marriages,but none of the tips,goes without appreciation. Appreciation,another key,to a successful marriage. How?

At home,women,wives,are the mothers,and home makers. While the men are still in bed,the women are already awake,busy in kitchen,to feed the stomach of her household with oil. When you say thanks to them for doing this,what will you have done? Appreciation. Read more:how to show love to your partner-appreciation

Men,husbands,are the food and material providers for their families. While in bed,they are thinking of the next move to take,in order to bring food home,and make both ends to meet. When you see this and say thanks,what will you have done? Appreciation.

Appreciation goes along way to keeping the bond of love between husband and wife in marriage. Appreciation is the greatest encouragement a couple could receive from each other,and do more. Like my people in Africa would say: ''Thank a man,and he will do it again''. That is appreciation!!

While some marriages do not last today is because,things which the man used to give his lady while they were in relationship,are no longer seen,and vise versa. Who knows? Maybe,lack of appreciation to each other may have stopped every progress. Appreciation,is the fuel,which ensures continuity,of good things in marriage now,and in future.

Appreciation could mean just little hug or kiss you give to your wife in kitchen,just to tell her 'well done'! Appreciation could also mean saying 'thank you' to her,after eating her delicious meal. Appreciation to your wife could be saying: Honey,I like to come back home by noon today,to take you out,so we can have our lunch together at a restaurant'. Sincerely speaking,this is a sweet,romantic way to appreciate your wife,for being their for you,always. The gesture is simple,you have already told her not to bother cooking for lunch. You both would have your lunch in a restaurant.

For you wife,buying a pair of shoes,a wrist watch,some ties and belts,for your husband as gifts is not bad at all. This little gesture is appreciation to him as your home provider. Dear romantic wife,don't always expect to receive from your husband all the time. Be the giver sometime,and you will be so glad,you do.

Appreciation,another key to a successful marriage,has been the topic,and indeed it is. When couple appreciate each other in all they do for each other,there will be endless love and blessings in their marriage. Yes,even in their next world,I am sure that couples,who show appreciation to each other,will definitely like to say again,''Yes,I do''! Appreciation,another key to a successful,marriage!!!

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