why marrying village brought up is worth it.-marriage background,marriage dating,

Having seen that there are a lot of fears in marrying village brought ups and their reasons,in our previous article: ''fears in marrying village women'' we want to look at the other side of it. Why marrying village brought ups is worth it becomes our concentration here.

You know,everyone of us all comes from a village,no matter who or where we are. However,many of us have eventually moved out of our villages,never to return until after a long time. Others too are born in cities,and are never familiar with their native land and cultures. It is at this point,that marrying village brought up,is worth it.

We from Africa need to be acquainted with our traditions and beautiful cultures,no matter where we are. Our children too having been born outside homes and villages need to know and be familiar with our cultures. How can they achieve this,if both husband and wives are city brought ups? Could you now see the reason why marrying village brought up is worth it?

By marrying village brought up,one would have appreciated one's cultural heritage,and giving his sister from another mother,an opportunity to see the light of the day in another place.

A lot of people truly agree that village brought ups are more chaste,respectful,more of wife material,and able to manage their homes. Most times,village brought ups are more hard working,able to support and corporate with their husbands. This again,is the reason why marrying village brought ups is worth it!!

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