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Child adoption is the process of having a child whose parents you may not know as your own child,through legal procedures.. Not many people like the idea of child adoption especially because,the background of children in adoption centers and agencies are not usually known,neither are the  circumstances,bothering their birth are mentioned to the adopter.. Who can go for child adoption?  Yes,it is our topic for consideration here. Read more: child adoption and consequences

Anyone who is  of adult age,who has reached the age of bearing a child,is qualified to adopt a child. Are unmarried people qualify to adopt children? Yes,they are. If you are still single and maybe you do not wish to marry,you can adopt a child as your own baby,as long as you will be able to play the parental role of the child.

Is child adoption made for only childless parents?  No,even those who are happily married with children of their own still go for child adoption if they so desire. For example,a friend of mine while in school told me that her family can never be complete if she does not adopt a child of her own. When I asked her why? she said: ''Adopting a child is to me,is giving a child a home,a place and hope! They don;t have any parents,they don't even have a place to call their own biological home.By adopting a child I will have given her a whole lot of hope and future'. Wow! That was my friend with good heart.

As long as you are capable of taking care of a child and you wish to do so willingly,you are welcomed to any shelter,or orphanage homes,where our brothers and sisters from other women are kept.

Finally,child adoption is a wonderful provision for families who have same s*x children,and wish to have a mix. Both boys and girls. Child adoption is also a blessing to families whose male children are disappointing.By adopting a male child and training him well,you could have a better son,whom you can entrust your care on!!!

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