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 Orphanage is a home or a place where abandoned children,children who are found and and picked up by road side,in gutter,or who are wrapped up in a bag and dropped by dustbins.  These children are called motherless children,not because they don't have mothers anywhere,but because their mothers denied and  abandoned them,helplessly.  These are some common knowledge many people have about motherless children in orphanage homes. There are however,other things that you don't know about motherless children. What are they? What you don't know about motherless children,is our topic here. Welcome to Monicdiarys.blogspot.com. Read more: child adoption and consequences

When a child is born,he is usually given a name and a surname with it. This is to show that they have a family,and that they are also part of it. What about motherless children in orphanage? No,their case is different. They are given just names for identity sake.No surnames are given to them. This information got my ears when I visited the motherless children shelter and Ministry Affairs and Social Development in Enugu State Nigeria. There in the Ministry,I was directed to the office of the Desk Officer to have a chat with her. Among other questions I asked was names which their children bear in their shelter,and she released the information given above. I was shocked,and I asked ''why''? Did you know what her response was? She said:''These children are abandoned children by their mothers,and were being picked up some good people,and brought to us here. We do not know their families,and their backgrounds. What names would they be given as their surnames since we do not know who their families are? We give them simple names like Favor,Gift,Smith,and the rest,just for identification purposes.'' What you didn't know about motherless children in orphanage.

What you do not know about motherless children in orphanage is that over 70% of them are psychologically affected by their ugly situations,surrendering their birth. This is why whenever they come in contact with other children in schools or church,they feel separated and different from others. In fact,motherless children are not usually disclosed as orphans in public,and when they are being admitted,they bear the surnames of their sponsors,somehow not clear to me.

Motherless children from orphanage have a community of friends and form a unified family,in their shelter,where they call their home.  Visit the orphanage homes anywhere around you,and give at least a child some hope,and kindness!!!

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