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You know,a lot of people think that men are the only people who should be romantic to their partners. Why? Because,men are the ones who must win the hearts of any ladies they love,to the point of making them their wives. Is that so? Okay,let's say that a man finally gets you to his home as a wifey,would he still continue to be romantic to you? Remember,he's got you already,and you are not going back,any where! My dear serious lady,you need to be romantic to keep your man in love,and have a sustainable marriage. Here,are what to do to be a romantic wife. Read more: what men can do to be romantic husbands

A fine lady I know so well told me : 'Monica,I have a busy schedule today,am afraid I won't be able to make it to the studio with you at the time of your program. If you could adjust your time for your next recording in afternoon hours,it will be fine!'  When I asked her what she would be doing at that hour of my program,did you know what she said? She said: ''That hour,is the time of my moment with my husband according to my 'to-do-list today''. Can you imagine that? That was a romantic woman for you!
You see, a romantic woman makes time for her husband,as much as she makes time for other things at home. Unlike some women who would always make time to do their laundering work,do some cooking morning,afternoon and night,take care of children,and then late at night,they return to bed with their husbands,romantic wives,in their to-do-list,also make time to have a moment with their husbands,per day,not necessarily sleeping with them at nights.

Should I tell you what you should do with your husband at your moment with him? Fine.Tell him the only aspect of him that rouses you most in bed. Touch it,and make him feel it too.Speak in his ear with a cool low voice,gentle bite it,and make him quake a little. Feel free to touch his manhood, that thing he has in between his legs,for that is where his soul and spirit lie. In that well,you can also make him wet as well!

Romantic women also buy gifts to their husbands,especially when they don't expect it. Women they say love surprises,but men appreciate it more.

A romantic wife does not stand against her husband in public,even when she knows that he is absolutely wrong. She backs him up,and fools with him at that moment,only to tell him he was wrong later,in their privacy.

Romantic women also take their husbands out some day,and spoil them a little.

Yes,never forget that your body is for him.At your quiet moment with,or when you are alone with him,raising your legs on his chest could be very romantic ESPECIALLY,WHEN YOU ARE IN YOUR SHORT

Marriage is romance my dear lady. For you to open your legs alone is a big romance for your husband,and to keep him more in love,you seriously have to do more for him,by picking the points above,and adding more to it. In our next article,we shall see what men can do,to be romantic husbands.Please join us!!!

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