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The world Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life – for example, you may feel worried and anxious about sitting an exam, or having a medical test or job interview. Because anxiety is something everyone must at some point in life feel, what are the possible ways one can reduce  anxiety? Here,are the points: Read more: how is fear an attribute?

Put the more important things first:  This is to say that a lot of people have really put a lot of things as a must do items. Most times when put in check,they discovered that those things really are not important to them at the moment. Like we learnt in Economics -scale of preference,we should choose to do the most pressing matters first before others. In this way,we would be reducing anxiety.

schedule time to relax each day: Yes,this is a very important point to reducing stress. Many people especially the blacks do not appreciate the fact that taking rest from work could be very helpful to them. They would rather choose to work endlessly to get bigger and more money. No,my dearie,a little work,a little rest,keep you away from anxiety.

Going for outing: How often do you take yourself out for sight seeing? That is the point. Research has proven that people who often take out for sight seeing with close friends and family members enjoin  nature everywhere they go. And this helps them to reducing anxiety.

Keep a sense of humor: Do you laugh and enjoy friends who make people laugh? Seriousness is not good all the time. Sometimes my dear friend,take up the tongue of a comedian and crack a little joke with people. Keeping a sense of humor would keep you fit and hearty,and this is a good way to reduce anxiety.

Getting enough exercise: Exercise could even mean taking a long-slow-walk, on a street,or else where,going to a stadium,or if possible,any gymnasium of your choice. Doing this,reduces anxiety ,as it takes your mind off many things.

Get enough sleep: When we say enough sleep,we mean a lovely sweet sleep that can take you at least up to 5-8 hours. There are people who sleep for 30 minutes,2,3, hours a day and they say they have slept. My dearie,this is a cheat in nature,and it is so wrong. Not sleeping enough shows that something is eating you more up,and taking advantage of you. By having enough sleep,you would be able to forget a lot of things,and keep your brain relaxed. It is a wonderful way to reduce anxiety.

All along it's been how to reduce anxiety. One might ask: ''Can not one stop anxiety?'' Yes,no one can stop a thing called anxiety. We work for needs every day,and most times,being humans will not allow us ascertain any success in life. Worries are part of us,and the only thing we could do at the moment is reducing it by applying the points above!!!

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