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Just in 1973,Gen.Yakubu Gowon established the National Youths Service Corps,( NYCS). Just for what people may ask? In this article,we are going to see the major objectives of this establishment. Read more: The disparity in NYSC establishment

The foremost objective of NYSC is to form a common tie among the different earthnic groups in Nigeria. The aim is to see how the different earthnic groups-Igbo,Hausa,Yoruba,Igala, and host of other tribal groups could see one another as one people, living and serving in different geographical areas. Pity to say however,that this pure and genuine objective seems to exist only in the history of Nigerian books. Reason for this is that signs of hatred abounds as one tribe of this geographical entity (The Northerner) engages in one form of serious killing of corps members or the other as noted by many reports.  Thus,parents,now have to lose their children in the name of one,serving his father land. People for this reason then ask: NYSC for what?

Again the NYSC gives opportunity for graduates to have the first hand working experience. This is because,in their mobilization process,corps members receive their first appointment letter to places usually not their states of origin for orientation course,which takes 21 days and then proceed to their post primary assignment. The usual tradition for this is that the community where a corps member is posted to serve should provide accommodation and where there is electricity,the corps member may not have to pay for it. It should be taken care of by their host communities. But what do we have today? Corps members now have to pay for their accommodation,and pay even their electricity bills from their little allowance. This again makes people to ask: NYSC for what?

Another wonderful objective of the NYSC structure is for corps members,who are usually youths under the age of 30 to reconstruct,rehabilitate,and reconcile people of different earthnic  groups,through their community service development (CDS) where corps members receive the initiatives to engage in both personal,and group project to their host communities. But what do we have today? Many corps members seem not to understand and agree with this objective. They just don't have the will do engage in any charitable project that would benefit their host communities. Isn't this why people would ask: NYSC for what???

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