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Prison,a place where convicts are kept for rehabilitation,reconstruction,and for trial,is our point of discourse here. Perhaps you have not been to any prison in Nigeria,before, and you want to know what it looks like. Here it is:

Like any arrangement in the world,there are stipulated number of admission,which must be adhered to. In Nigerian prisons,the condition is different. For example,in Nigeria prison,Enugu, it is stipulated that 150 inmates are in one ward ,which capacity should allow,at least,50-70 inmates. When you see this,you will really feel pity for them,and wish you could relieve them. Can you imagine the heat they feel? The exchange of carbon monoxide? The many transmitted skin and inflated diseases one has to pass to another? That is the situation in Nigerian prisons.

In those days when I was in school,I remembered my roommate wishing she could visit any Nigeria prison,and this time,give out some bathroom slippers,tooth paste,and other useful items. This is because,in Nigerian prisons,giving such items is never their priority. You may ask: How on earth are prisoners oral and physical health,taken care of? You need to pay this people a visit,and at least,give some hope.

Whenever you pass through Nigerian prison yard anywhere, you are sure to see people in uniform,begging for alms. Yes,they are Nigerian prisoners. They need to beg in order to supplement their food ration,and care for their important needs. Please,any time you are passing by the roads of Nigerian prisons,don't hesitate to give some alms to them. You can never imagine what joy,you will have imparted in them.

One of the most terrible conditions that bleeds my heart is how female inmates are raped in prisons. By who you may ask? By soldiers,and other security officers,who should have been a source of refuge to them. How about the rate at which new members of inmates are beaten by prisoners,who have stayed in there for years? It is so terrible that my mouth,cannot describe!

By placing this terrible conditions on Nigerian prisoners,what does her government want to achieve? We will focus on this under the topic: must Nigerian prisons be appalling? Please join us!!!

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