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Marriage,the legally coming together of a man and a woman as husband and wife was originated by God,the creator of the heavens and earth,with the intention for procreation purposes. Yes,marriage is very important in procreation purposes,among other things. Yes,is marriage compulsory? Read more: how to be a successful single parent

NO! It is not! A lot of people argue that if one's parent did not marry,one would not be born. So,to such people,anyone who says he or she will not want to marry,is usually seen as someone having some mental problems.  But is this true? Never! If you ever feel not to marry,remember you are not alone. Thousands of people feel same all over the world. Hear the experience of this lady on why she chose not to marry:

'Personally i would say big NO to marriage in current age. And this is not because marriage is some BS concept, or it doesn't have any love and affection. It is just that there is too much interference from Government/Feminists/Society/Police/Peers and there is so much pressure on the couples in marriage these days.'

Her reason for not wanting to marry is because of interference of all people in society. Am sure what she meant by interference is that,if she finally marries to one man some day,the pressure to have as many children as she may not want,will surely be there. And if the children are not forth coming as soon as she is married,another heavy pressure,will be there as though it is their fault.Read more:  why childlessness does not make you an inferior person

The truth of the matter is that people who would not want to be controlled by any kind of force, would rather continue to remain single,than to marry. To these,people,marriage is a quick destruction to their career choice,and happiness in life.

Marriage is an institution set to legally make two people a husband and wife. It then makes it clear that anyone who doesn't want to be one with another person should rather remain single,and not married. To their disposition,marriage does not interest them.

Hey,have you forgotten that the scripture says that some are born Eunuch,some make themselves Eunuch,and others are made Eunuch. It is simple:Eunuch means,not having feelings for anything romance,or s*xual feelings. So my dear,whether you are a man or a woman,if you don't have
feelings for marriage,be bold to remain single,as a complete human. nothing is wrong with your decision at all!!

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