is every prisoner a convict? prisoner of conscience,convict babies,convict and condemn

The word convict is a person who is found guilty,and is sent to prison by a court of law. When we ask: Is every prisoner a convict? ,we mean to say,does it mean that every prisoner is guilty as charged and is serving the punishment of the crime he has committed? The answer to this question,is what we seek to give.  Please read on!

For a start,let me share with you an experience I heard from a welfare prison officer somewhere far away from my home. When I was asking him questions on interview with him inside a prison,he told me that really,many of the prisoners they have in their prison yard are innocent. He said: 'We know many of them who are innocent here. Many times they have come to us and related how they found themselves inside the prison yard. That, it is a dream to them because,they have never been to any police station for any case,not to talk of being prisoners'. As the welfare officer was narrating to me in the interview,a young,tall man was passing by,and he summoned me to look at him and said: "You see that guy over there,the fair one?  I said yes,and he continued: ''he is as innocent as a dove! But here he is,as a prisoner."

Again we ask: Is every prisoner a convict? In all our researches,over the years,we have seen,and confirmed that not every prisoner is a convict. Many of them are truly innocent. Even more innocent than you and I are.

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