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How to welcome ex prisoners back home is our topic in this article. We chose to use the expression ''welcome back home'' because,these people,who now are referred to ex prisoners were ones with us before they became prisoners,lived in prison for a period of time, learnt their lessons,and are finally  back to stay with us. How should these people be viewed and treated in society?How can we give them a welcome feat home? These and many more we want to achieve. Hear it!

In any given society of mankind,the moment one learns that someone next to him or he sees somewhere was once an ex prisoner,his countenance about him changes. If he has anything to do with him,he diverts it to someone else immediately. Why? Because,the ex prisoner, to people in society is a very bad guy. They believe that anyone who has come out of a prison can do an undo, anytime,anywhere,to any person. But hey,this is not true!

You see,before a prisoner is set free by law,he must have changed his bad characters to something sweeter than good. In prison yard,a lot of reformations take place. In fact there are many and different types of schools in prison yard,all with the objectives to reform and reconstruct a bad,wicked and evil rooted heart to normality. In the prison are Psychologists,Social workers,Doctors, and different religious representatives who go to prison for lecturing and teaching,in order to restore a fallen dignity,and rehabilitation purposes of a prisoner man. Do you think that anyone who has passed through these reconstructive scrutiny will ever be dangerous to your life? Never!  In fact,people who have become prisoners are like new born to society,no longer having any intentions to do anyone bad,but live to reciprocate what you made them see,or feel. In fact,reports have shown that even when ex prisoners are pushed to do any bad by another person,they try to hold and control their urge because,they have signed,and sworn an oath,never to do anything that will make them return to the yards of any prisons. Is this the kind of person you would want to avoid,for fear that he is a threat to you? No,ex prisoners are very far from your thoughts.Read more:
 what happens when ex convicts are not treated equally in society

How to welcome ex prisoners back home has been our beautiful topic here. Truly speaking,ex prisoners have been changed from their former course of life to something sweeter than good. Remember,not all ex prisoners are convicts,or guilty as they were charged. The training the prisoners receive while in prison is enough to make them good enough to live safely with us. Open up your heart to them,employ them to work for you and with you. Avoid discrimination of them and never remind them of where they are coming from. Ex prisoners should be welcomed home without feelings of any indifference. Ex prisoners have truly repented! Why ex convicts cannot be a threat to society, shall be our next discourse. please join us!!!

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