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We have extensively talked about reasons why you should get married to a woman who is a village brought up in our article : ''should I marry a village brought up?'' In as much as love is one of the most essential ingredients in marriage,taste of individuals on whom to marry is also important. Are there fears in marrying village women? Yes,there are. Let's quickly consider:

A young man I know who lives in Lagos,got married to a village brought up woman,on the advice of his mother,who got him a woman for marriage,on the basis that she is very respectful.  Taking the woman to live with him in Lagos,the young man found out that yes,the woman is very respectful,but has character problems. Lagos life with big attitude was so hard for the woman. Cooking food to the taste of her husband became a problem,and she was hardly allowed to serve their visitors any food. Because,she lacks the knowledge of how to do so.

Yes,it is expected that village women would always behave village and timid,some of them very dirty,but not for a long time. Just very little time,she will be out for a city life,and behavior and becomes like them.

If you are not a patient type and you get married to a village woman,you will definitely get bored of her,and before long,problems will emerge in the family.

Irritations due to differences in character,can discourage you from loving your wife. For example,if you do not appreciate her village life style such as dancing while sweeping,singing aloud while cooking,making up sharpishly,and being very loud in virtually everything she do. Read more: Read more: why marrying village brought up is worth it

Village brought up lacks table manners. If you are not the patient type,it's either you cut her off (your own wife) or you stay away from her whenever it is time to eat.

The fear in marrying village women is a lot. Character, attitude problems,table manners,dress code,and other social life styles. But marrying village brought could be very rewarding after all.

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