Have you ever wondered why some relationships fail? How is it that two hearts which ever beat as one suddenly  become hearts of strangers? Is it possible? does it really happen? If it truly happens,is it to say that well,nothing last forever?

Yes,relationships fail sometimes,and many times succeed! But when relationship fails,does it mean that any of the parties is a failure? No,and certainly no! Any failed relationship show that there is a breach in an relationship which can not make it hold! It is at this point in time that when the center cannot hold that relationship falls apart.

 Truly speaking,the world of boys and girls is a very big and beautiful world because of love affairs and relationship matters. Yes believe it.It is true and very true. Take your mind back to when you were in love or now that you are in love. It makes your live beautiful,and it make this world look complete and wholesome! But suddenly,your boy friend,your love bird whom you have always shared your thoughts and feeligs with comes up and boldly tells you that it is over. That he is no longer interested in the relationship. What will you do at this point? You begin to ask such questions as What? What did I do wrong?
My dear,whenever a relationship ends,and you ask questions that cannot be answered,just cry out your heart in your bed and bathroom and when you come out,dry your tears and let go.
Here are top reasons why relationships fail.

1. Relationship fails because two bodies no longer become comfortable with each other. Everything one does now become unacceptable to the other. This is the beginning of breakup!
2.Relationship fails when there is no love. This is the major reason why relationship fails. A lot of people think they are in love when lust actually rules their relationship. It is at this point that it becomes necessary that relationship fail,or do you want to continue living in deceit?
3.Another reason why relationship fails is because,some individuals do not really know what they want in a relationship.Everyone they meet or that approaches them becomes  a lover whether he is tall,short,black or white. This is nonsense and senseless! How can you love a short man and when a tall man approaches you,you yell for him as well,and you say such relationship will not fail?
4.The fourth reason why relationship fails is incompatibility This is when the parties in love are no match in persons to each other. Whatever they try fails at every point because,they lack balance in thought and action.

Dear readers,when relationship fails,find out why and work on yourself!!!

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